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Please click on the links below to download our digital Product brochures and Technical Catalogue in PDF format. Documents require Adobe PDF to view.

Product Leaflets:

SuperFlex Cutting & Grinding Wheels (426 kb)
AndorFlex Cutting & Grinding Wheels (609 kb)
Diamond Saw Blades (263 kb)
Tungsten Carbide Burrs (309 kb)
Mounted Points (498 kb)
Flap Disc PDF (428 kb)
AndorFlex Slimline PDF (256 kb)

Technical Product Catalogue:

The Technical Product Catalogue is available as a complete 5mb download, or as smaller sections for your convenience.

Complete Technical Catalogue PDF (5mb)

Technical Information (535 kb)
Surface Grinding (887 kb)
External Cylindrical Grinding (429 kb)
Internal Cylindrical Grinding (404 kb)
Centerless Grinding (393 kb)
Tool and Cutter Grinding (442 kb)
Thread and Gear Grinding (526 kb)
Bench and Floorstand Grinding (574 kb)
Grinding on Portable Machines (446 kb)
Reinforced Cutting and Grinding Wheels (691 kb)
Mounted Points and HI-GLO (1,071 kb)
Oilstones Bricks Sticks and Grain and Misc (261 kb)
Automotive Engine Reconditioning (1,118 kb)
Dressing Tools (301 kb)
Tungsten Carbide Burrs (360 kb)
Coated Abrasive Products (402 kb)
Diamond Saws (263 kb)
TYROLIT Diamond and CBN Products (247 kb)
SatinFlex Non-Woven Abrasives (243 kb)
Speed Conversion Table and Order Form (53 kb)


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