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Diamond Cutting Blades and accessories

Selection of the correct type of diamond saw blade will ensure that the blade suits the application, and will provide the most effective and economical solution for the job.

The correct saw blade offers:
  • a rapid rate of cut
  • less power required (from the thin kerf width)
  • a relatively constant depth of cut
  • minimal risk of breakage
  • less downtime

The 2 main considerations when choosing a diamond saw blade are SAW BLADE DESIGN and QUALITY.


Segmental Saw Blades
Segmental Saw Blades consist of diamond segments on the periphery of a steel body, and are excellent for the rapid and economical cutting of a wide range of masonry materials, such as bricks and concrete, and the production cutting of products such as granite and marble. They are used where the quality of the cut (such as chipped edges) is of secondary importance.

Grinding Techniques (Pty) Ltd. offers three different qualities of segmental saw blades to satisfy identified customer needs:


A fast cutting, economically priced product, offering good blade life - ideal for small jobs on all but the hardest of materials.


A fast cutting, slightly more expensive product, offering excellent blade life - ideally suited for contractors or people who do a lot of cutting.


A top quality blade with laser welded segments providing superior service when cutting steel reinforced concrete.

Continuous Rim Saw Blades
Continuous rim saw blades have diamonds in a matrix around the entire periphery of the blade which results in an uninterrupted cut. They are particularly effective for accurate, smooth cutting with an absolute minimum of chipping of the cut edges. Ideally suited for use on ceramic, hard vitreous tiles, porcelain, glass, stone and precision cutting of small granite and marble jobs.

Turbo Saw Blades
Turbo Saw Blades have a continuous rim of diamond in a matrix set in an offset pattern around the blade periphery. This design combines the advantages of both the segmental and continuous rim designs and provides a general purpose product capable of rapid stock removal with reduced risk of edge chipping.

These blades can be used for a wide range of applications, such as cutting marble, granite, concrete, bricks, tiles, roof tiles and other masonry materials.

HFT-N PREMIUM Turbo FLAT saw blades with an offset pattern on the cutting periphery helps with swarf removal, to cool the blade and to eliminate loading.

HWT PREMIUM Turbo WAVE pattern saw blades have been engineered for extreme performance, durability and cutting speed. The wave pattern core design adds to the structural strength, helps with better heat dissipation, helps remove cutting debris and assists with noise suppression.

For additional information, please download the Diamond Saw leaflet (PDF)

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